The Leaves Fall to Reveal a New Show

When I started this journey 2 years ago, I had no idea that I would become a producer of web TV. I am on the brink of my second production, The Audrey Wiggins Show. I am too excited and thrilled that this time, I have a team working with me. I also am bringing others along. There will be more shows that will spawn from this journey. I thank GOD for the opportunity and your personal love and support. Look for the new show to start broadcasting October 1, 2013. Over the next few months MakeSomethingHappen.TV will take on a new look and focus as it ventures to collaborate with local organizations. The purpose however, will remain the same. I hope you will continue to view the productions and share us with your networks around the world.

With this production, I also introduce Alex Michaels, COO of Prelude2Cinema LLC. Alex is co-producing the show with me. He has proven to be an invaluable asset to the project. Alex is an Emmy award-winning producer, writer in his own right for his sci-fi film “Out of Darkness”. We also have Mike Jones aka “The Strongman of Comedy” joining the show as a regular with his original jokes and quips.