Moving Forward Fast

Well, the premiere show came on the 1st and now it is almost the 15th on which date the 3rd webisode will broadcast. I am still amazed at the out pour of love and support and the blessing of a team and co-producer, Mr. Alex Michaels of Prelude2Cinema. I am reeling at the hand of GOD on my life. I trust Him for His continued favor and sponsors and advertisers who are to come because of the following we are building. To date the Facebook Fan page has 2900+ "likes" with an engagement of 1200+. To the Fans – THANK YOU!

It was a Show Down

WOW! WOW! WOW! and a big WooHoo! or as @Lisa Steadman would say, it was a woohooliscious evening for the premiere. Several of us gathered for a viewing party which turned into a focus group at my request. I am overwhelmed at the out pouring of love and support shown to me by family, friends and associates. I have even begun to build relationships with some of the fans from the FB page. I never formally put together a virtual street team. We had a great number of participants. If you will, continue to tweet #audreywigginsshow to keep the momentum building. We will be back at again next week and the week after that, etc.

We had a successful first night for the premiere viewing of the We had a fun viewing party/focus group which brought out invaluable feedback and new friendships. I thank GOD, the Virtual Street Team, Co-Producer Alex P. Michaels of Prelude2Cinema, @Jessie Tate, Ambassador and Executive Assistant, Richard Flaherty, The Voice, Janis Zimmermann, Ambassador and Promotions, Graphic Artist, Derek Austin of Austin Design Network. Sponsors @Harrell Insurance Group (John Harrell & Janet Williams)) and Success is YOURS and MINE! (Henry Ford). Friends of the show Linda D Woodard (LDW Group), Johnnette Jernigan and Petrushka Pavlovich New Media Resources) and Dee Perry (Officenet Central).