International Recording Artist Hardstone

Through Hardstone’s music, you will re-live his life, maturing as a man, father and an artist. Always seeking perfection, Hardstone has fine tuned his career and notched his place from a nationally known artist from Kenya, East Africa, to an internationally known artist, leaving his mark wherever he performs. (excerpt from his blog). Learn more about this artist, book him for your events and purchase his music at

Audrey Wiggins Show Welcomes Author Nichole Crumby

Author and non-profit executive, Nichole Crumby shares her book, Now Is The Time. Join us for an intriguing interview of trial and triumph. You just may find a common thread. She shares how to receive deliverance that only God can provide in a unique format using the word of God. Her personal testimonies of God's deliverance in her life shows you how to walk into your complete freedom from your past. Visit to Purchase your autograph copy of Now Is The Time and receive a FREE GIFT.