The Best in Boxing Series II Presented by King of the Ring

The Best in Boxing Series II presented by King of the Ring paid the Audrey Wiggins Show a visit before the match on February 21, 2015. The match is taking place the Woods King National Guard Armory, Highland Hills, Ohio. Cleveland Boxers, Elhan Nevzadi and Charles Conwell boasted of their keen skills as opponents from New York, Sequan Felton and Michigan's Aldrel Holmes Jr. punched back. Also on the set was match maker Push Davis, Octavius Webb 178 lbs golden glove champ, world ring side runner up and Marlon "Marvelous" Steen 2x golden glove champ, 204 lbs heavy weight. Ronnie Duncan will commentate the event. Thanks to Doug Patterson, promoter, boxing official and president of Production Plus productions and publicist Anna Redding for bringing this excitement to our studio. For details of the match visit